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There is an old saying that goes, "you are what you eat." People often laugh this saying off as a joke, but actually, it is very true! If you eat healthy foods, you will be more healthy. If you eat unhealthy foods, then your health will begin to decline. Thankfully, health food stores are becoming more popular, and they are great places to find the healthier foods your body is craving. Pick up some ingredients for a green juice, or buy some grass fed beef. While you're waiting to take a trip to the health food store, read the articles on this website, and learn more about those health foods you're about to consume.



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A Newbie's Guide To Burning Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles have a light, pleasant scent. They are known for burning cleanly, and they're obviously made from natural ingredients: beeswax! Once you start using beeswax candles, you're almost certain to love them. But there are a few tips that may prove helpful when you're a newbie who is just switching to these candles.

Remove the labels first.

Beeswax candles are often made as pillar candles. The labels are placed on the outside of the pillar, directly on the wax. Make sure you remove these labels before you light the candle. Otherwise, the label may eventually catch fire. The label may also "pull" on one side of the candle, causing it to burn unevenly.

Trim back the wick before you light the candle.

Each time you're about to light the candle, check the wick length. If the wick is longer than about 1/4 inch, give it a quick trim. You can do this with scissors. Trimming the wick ensures the flame comes into contact with the beeswax to the correct degree. If you leave the wick too long, the candle might go out repeatedly. Beeswax candles are less tolerant of too-long wicks than other candles.

Use long burns.

Don't light your beeswax candle if you're only going to let it burn for a few minutes. You really want to allow it to burn for at least a couple of hours each time you light it. Otherwise, the candle will start to tunnel. This is when only the middle wax, directly surrounding the wick, burns away. Burning the candle for longer periods gives the outer wax more time to liquefy and burn so your beeswax candle burns down evenly.

Hug your candle after every burn.

You don't have to snuggle with your candle, but you do need to use your hands to hug in the sides. Just place gentle pressure on the sides of the candle to encourage the walls to fold inward. This will ensure the wax at the top of the candle keeps burning, helping to prevent tunneling. If your beeswax candle is too stiff and won't hug in after a burn, this means you need to be burning for longer periods.

If you follow the tips above, you'll have better luck burning your beeswax candles. In time, you'll get used to implementing these measures, and they'll become like second-nature whenever you light a candle. Enjoy the fresh scent and clean air!