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There is an old saying that goes, "you are what you eat." People often laugh this saying off as a joke, but actually, it is very true! If you eat healthy foods, you will be more healthy. If you eat unhealthy foods, then your health will begin to decline. Thankfully, health food stores are becoming more popular, and they are great places to find the healthier foods your body is craving. Pick up some ingredients for a green juice, or buy some grass fed beef. While you're waiting to take a trip to the health food store, read the articles on this website, and learn more about those health foods you're about to consume.



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Why Is Flavored Water A Better Choice Than Sodas?

Many people are making the shift from drinking soda regularly to sticking with water. But it's not the easiest thing for everyone. In some cases, drinking water can just seem boring or plain to people, especially after switching off of something as sweet and enticing as soda. If you're wondering how you can bridge the gap and benefit from quitting soda, here's why flavored nutrient water may be a great pick for you.


The keyword here is flavor. Flavored water often utilizes natural flavors that come directly from fruit, ensuring that there's a nice taste to the water. This flavor usually isn't as strong as the type of flavor you would get from something like soda, but that makes it a perfect middle ground if you find standard water to be too boring and plain.

Soda Problems

Soda causes more problems than you might realize. Most people know that under the right circumstances, carbonation can cause gas and stomach discomfort, but it goes beyond that.

Certain types of sodas, like cola, have been shown to have a negative impact on bone density. One study took a look at people who consumed cola and found that consumption of the beverage resulted in lower bone density, particularly in the hips, which can be very dangerous in older age.

On top of that, the high acid content in the average soda is particularly bad for your teeth. Over a long period of time, the consumption of soda can result in eroding tooth enamel, which can increase your risk of developing cavities.

Flavored water doesn't come with any of these problems, meaning that your health can start benefiting from making the switch right away.


Last but not least, the average flavored water contains little to no calories, making it a vastly superior option to soda. While diet sodas of course exist, many flavored waters contain no sweetener additives, meaning that you won't be consuming things like aspartame regularly anymore. While it's unclear whether or not sugar alternatives have a negative impact on health, many people choose to avoid them just in case because they can encourage you to keep seeking out sugar, which may stymie any attempts to lose weight or stay healthy.

Flavored water is a great way to transition away from drinking soda, especially if it's usually your regular go-to beverage. Flavored water is a tasty, healthier option, and far more interesting than plain tap or bottled water. If you want to give up soda for good, give flavored water a try.