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There is an old saying that goes, "you are what you eat." People often laugh this saying off as a joke, but actually, it is very true! If you eat healthy foods, you will be more healthy. If you eat unhealthy foods, then your health will begin to decline. Thankfully, health food stores are becoming more popular, and they are great places to find the healthier foods your body is craving. Pick up some ingredients for a green juice, or buy some grass fed beef. While you're waiting to take a trip to the health food store, read the articles on this website, and learn more about those health foods you're about to consume.



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4 Exciting Facts About Tupelo Honey

Tupelo trees are primarily found in wet areas, like swamplands. These trees create small, beautiful, white blossoms that are a joy to witness. However, tupelo trees aren't prized solely for their beauty. The pollen from the tupelo tree can be turned into a culinary treat: tupelo honey. If you've never heard of this type of honey before, here are some exciting facts that will get you acquainted with tupelo honey:

1. Tupelo honey is carefully created.

Honey is a natural sweetener made by bees. However, beekeepers have a hand in its creation as well. Honeybees must collect pollen in order to make honey. The pollen used affects the taste, color, and clarity of the final product. Clover honey is one of the most common types of honey, but many kinds of honey are made from a blend of various pollens. In order to produce tupelo honey, beekeepers must ensure bees have access to only tupelo flowers. Any honey created before the tupelo trees bloom must be cleaned out to prevent unwanted mixing.

2. Tupelo honey is easy to pour.

Many people enjoy honey by adding it to tea or drizzling it over toast or pancakes. No one wants to fight with their bottle of honey when trying to enjoy a meal. You'll be happy to know that tupelo honey is easy to pour. Unlike other kinds of honey, which can crystallize as they age, tupelo honey will remain liquid and pourable for much longer. You can save your tupelo honey for special occasions without worrying that it will degrade in quality during its time in storage.

3. Tupelo honey is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners.

Tupelo honey is all natural, which makes it a good choice for people who follow whole-food diets. Honey is sweeter than sugar, which means you'll eat less of it in order to achieve the same flavor. You already know that honey is good for you, but you may not know that tupelo honey may be better than other varieties of honey. Tupelo honey has an unusually high level of fructose, the same kind of natural sugar found in fruit. Fructose doesn't cause your blood sugar to spike the same way glucose does, so tupelo honey may be a better choice for people with diabetes.

4. Tupelo honey is rarer than most types of honey.

Tupelo honey is comparatively rare. Tupelo trees only bloom for a short time, which means bees can collect limited amounts of pollen. If you enjoy tupelo honey, you'll need to buy it when it's in season. Purchase several jars of tupelo honey so you can enjoy it year-round.

To learn more, contact a company that offers tupelo honey for sale in your area.